List of projects:


Javascript, PHP, C++

The project is formally named “Development and demonstration of a dynamic, web-based, renewable energy rating platform”, is funded by the European Commission. The goal was to build a website that automatically identifies and measures roofs, assesses their suitability for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, and provides an estimate of costs, benefits, and return on investment

Software Company was responsible for developing the platform and integrating all of the data and calculations into a single functioning website. This included:

  • Linked databases of addresses, geographical coordinates, and LiDAR data
  • Standard and simplified user interfaces
  • Automatic calculation of available roof space given address or geo coordinates
  • Provision of detailed options and prices
  • Integration of calculations and report generation

Link to the EAGLE site: http://www.eagle-fp7.eu/ 

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Online data collection platform for national dose surveys in radiology

PHP, Javascript, CSS, SQL

Previous process was manual data collection, where each medical facility would fill paper forms and send them to the NCRRP (National Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection). We created an automated system where users can electronically file their data and it is automatically collated in an online data collection platform. This also includes automated statistical analysis of the collected data. 

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MS Visual C#, MS Visual C++, MS SQL, DirectShow, MFC, WinForms, Razor View, Web API

The PACS system contains several main products: SC PACS Server, SC PACS Viewer, SC PACS Web Viewer and SC PACS Mobile.  This system manages the electronic transmission, retrieval, review, and archiving of medical images in clinics and hospitals. Software Company have implemented this software solution in 40 major hospitals in Bulgaria, with the potential for further international expansion.

The software supports databases with DICOM standard files and provides functions such as store, query, retrieve and move, network connections, web transactions, e-mail notifications, image acquisition and simple image processing. It provides local (within the hospital) and remote (outside the hospital) access to research while maintaining data security and protection from unauthorized access. The system connects specialists with doctors via the Internet and gives them the ability to collaborate on patient files and medical images from remote locations.

In addition, the software contains excellent opportunities to use 3D models, statistics, Telemedicine, and post-processing. We also offer a mobile app for this software and a cloud solution.

Link to the Software Company PACS site: http://pacs.bg

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OLAP front-end application

MS Visual C++

We worked on this project as part of an international team lead by an USA firm and including developers from various countries. In this team, we have created a decision support application with rich data exploring and visualization capabilities in the business intelligence space. The project is based on COM technologies and Microsoft Analysis services. The product has been accredited by Microsoft as a product that meets the requirements of the Microsoft Data Warehousing Alliance and is listed on their web site. 

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MPEG 2 decoder

MS Visual C++, Direct Show

We created a decoder filter which allows playback of MPEG-2 files with Windows Media Player. 

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Software Development Kits

MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, MS Visual Fox Pro, Borland Delphi

We created two sets of controls based on the controls used in the OLAP application. The first set is for 3D visualizations: the controls used OpenGL for visualizing economic data. The second SDK is for work with the Microsoft Analysis services: it contains the visualization controls, plus controls for connecting and retrieving data from the OLAP source. We created samples with various programming tools. 

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UrduPad text editor

MS Visual C++

We created a text editor for the Urdu language – the language used in Pakistan and some parts of India. The standard windows editors can’t be used for this language because of some considerable differences in the alphabet: writing in Urdu is from right to left and symbols have different representation dependent on their position in the word (beginning, middle, end). The program uses specific fonts, which are not TrueType. 

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Accounting system

MS Visual FoxPro

We developed a user-friendly Accounting System for small to medium enterprises in the USA. The system includes the following modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Sales and Order Entry, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Payroll. 

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