SC PACS (picture archiving and communication system) comprises of several main components: picture archiving functionalities for all the modalities in the hospital, local (within the hospital) and remote access (outside the hospital) to studies, DICOM files storage in special databases and guaranteed protection from unauthorized access. All software developments are based on DICOM medical standard. 

We offer excellent options for 3D, statistics, telemedicine, and post-processing. Our company experts are trained in international organizations and have vast experience in the medical imaging sector.

What is PACS?

The PACS system comprises of a server where examinations can be stored and accessed, professional software for work stations (where images can be viewed) and a module for remote access.

The system is well laid out and configured so as to become a powerful tool in the hands of radiologists. Using the PACS has a noticeable impact on reducing X-ray film and paper costs as well as effort and time spent. An additional benefit of the system is the ability to create a CD or DVD for the patient containing their DICOM files and the program required to view them.

The SC PACS is compatible with all types of DICOM imaging equipment including CT, MRI, CR, DR, Mammography, Ultrasound, Gamma Camera and PET-CT. Moreover, Software Company Ltd has gained deep and broad experience in the integration of its PACS with hospital information systems (HIS). 

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