The high importance and rapid development of the energy domain with smart devices, including the Internet of things technology, has evolved to a top priority issue for the energy industries and a great challenge for the research community in the ICT domain. In order for the high expectations and the expected impact on the energy market’s practices to be met, the industrial community needs new well-educated professionals, even at the early stages of their career life, while HEIs need to discover efficient ways to disseminate the expertise developed through research projects and activities across Europe.
This changing environment and context places new demands in terms of education and sets new requirements for university graduates. JAUNTY is the beneficial result of transferring state-of- the-art knowledge gained during the implementation of the SPEAR project- funded under the H2020 program- directly to undergraduate students’ classes. In this project, members of the SPEAR consortium, develop joint distant courses in the field of Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS) for undergraduate students, in order to address the energy power companies’ demands. The courses are provided through on line platforms while students are exercised on smart energy management devices, via a newly developed platform for remote labs. All courses and labs are embedded to the participating HEIs curricula, as elective courses, and students successfully completed the program will be awarded with a Joint Qualifications Certificate on SEMS.
Apart from its main academic content, the rationale behind JAUNTY project is to enable students with fewer opportunities to gain an international study experience without mobility, by the so called “ERASMUS from Home”. Under this prism, new challenges are created for the European HEIs to prepare well-aware graduates in terms of their opportunities for further studies and employment on their specific areas of interest.
– Exchange of requirements and best practises on SEMS training
– Academic Curriculum on Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS)
– Online Platform for Joint Distant Courses
– Online Platform for Remote Labs
– Evaluation Metrics and Sustainability Report

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