The PACS system contains several main products: SC PACS Server, SC PACS Viewer, SC PACS Web Viewer and SC PACS Mobile.  This system manages the electronic transmission, retrieval, review, and archiving of medical images in clinics and hospitals. Software Company have implemented this software solution in 40 major hospitals in Bulgaria, with the potential for further international expansion.

The software supports databases with DICOM standard files and provides functions such as store, query, retrieve and move, network connections, web transactions, e-mail notifications, image acquisition and simple image processing. It provides local (within the hospital) and remote (outside the hospital) access to research while maintaining data security and protection from unauthorized access. The system connects specialists with doctors via the Internet and gives them the ability to collaborate on patient files and medical images from remote locations.

In addition, the software contains excellent opportunities to use 3D models, statistics, Telemedicine, and post-processing. We also offer a mobile app for this software and a cloud solution.

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