Electronic registry of cardiac amyloidosis in Bulgaria – Internet platform for registering of patients and their examinations, ultrasound and magnetic resonance image visualization, data analysis and export.

The patient management module can be accessed through the profile of a manager, a cardiologist , nuclear physician or a radiologist. The home page of the module contains a table of existing patients and a button to add a new ones. Each row in the table contains patient data and action buttons that differ in the different roles. Cardiologists and radiologists have only one button to select the patient and opens a page to add an examination (respectively cardiac or magnetic resonance). The manager has a pair of buttons to add both types of research, as well as a pair of buttons for editing and deleting the patient.

Access to the different pages of the Patient evaluation module depends on the role of the user. Cardiologists have access to pages for listing, adding and editing cardiac examinations, and radiologists, respectively, for listing, adding and editing magnetic examinations. Managers have access to  pages of both types, including the possibility of deleting an examiation. Studies listing pages have a panel that includes a Patient List Group and a Patient Quick Selection button.

Medical images can be uploaded for the studies and then viewed and processed through the web viewer module. There is also a Statistics module with table and chart data representation.