The main objective of this project is to provide system to support the tracking and monitoring of transport of uranium oxide concentrate (UOC) across the territory of multiple African states.

Based on IAEA SSR-6 “Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material” (2012 edition), low specific activity materials such as UOC must be transported along predefined routes, with predefined stops. All transport-related data is collected and evaluated through the information system which is made available to all countries included in the current project requirements. The system is also fully scalable to include other participants and countries in the future.

Data related to the location of the radioactive materials is acquired in real time using a GPS system, pertinent to each transport vehicle. The system generates records at pre-set time intervals.

As long as the transport vehicles cross several borders, a record is generated upon crossing a checkpoint. Each record contains the identification of the vehicle, the identification of the checkpoint and the time of crossing.

Records are generated when a predefined stop position is reached and left.

Both the border checkpoints and the stop positions are part of the pre-defined transport route. Their coordinates are an input to the system and their reaching is detected automatically.

In case of an incident during transportation information is input to the system – time and location of the incident.

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