Smart Digital Photo is an application which provides users with highly varied tools for visualization and working with images of many graphical file formats. The way you use the Smart Digital Photo is simple. It is designed as a usual Windows program, with friendly interface.

Using Smart Digital Photo you can cope with problems you have with some kinds of cameras like red eye, purple fringing etc. There are different tools for adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Hue/Saturation/Color Balance, Gamma, Posterize, Solarize. You can set GrayScale for the images, to work with histograms, pseudo-coloring, as you have a possibility to save your own palette. You can use various means to process your image Flip, Rotate, Resize; Blur using different algorithms; Sharpen, Edge Detection, Median, Distortion. You can define your own filter.

To save an image is possible in five different formats jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and png. You can print your images and write CDs. There is a possibility to capture the screen or use TWAIN compliant devices.