SC BI is developed to correspond with the last tendencies of data processing – OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) and Data mining.  Using friendly interface, clear and simplified visualization means and wizards, SC BI overcomes the redundant complication, going along with other Data analysis products. SC BI’s modules can work with different OLAP cubes at the same time which is a priority of this product.

SC BI is intended to automate the process of discovering important tendencies, relations and rules in multidimensional database.

Main features of SC BI

A system for analyzing of large databases with cube structure.

Visualizes the received results in the form of charts and tables, using flexible techniques of the multidimensional queries.

Saves the queries by the universal XML format.

Main modules of SC BI

OLAP – used for intuitive analysis of the database. It has a flexible functionality for creating of multidimensional queries to the database. It gives a possibility to visualize the result of the current query in the form of table and 2D chart.

Pivot Table – a table of grouped values that aggregates the individual items of a more extensive table within one or more discrete categories. This summary might include sums, averages, or other statistics, which the pivot table groups together using a chosen aggregation function applied to the grouped values.

What If Analysis – Pivot Table allows users to not only analyze actual data for reporting, planning, and budgeting but also perform what-if analysis for studying different scenarios by changing values in the pivot table and seeing how they influence the cube data. 

You obtain information right on time. SC BI extracts data from the warehouse and presents information in the intuitive form of a pivot table in seconds.
Flat learning curve. Working with SC BI interface doesn’t require any special training. It is understandable for both programmers and non-technical specialists. Analytical report templates based on pivottable easy and understand to use to focus on solving business problems.
Our business intelligence reporting software, SC BI is easily extendable and integrated into inherited systems or other developers’ systems.
Analysis Edition for SC BI reveals insidious facts. Using filters and graphic extensions in SC BI allows detecting hidden patterns and trends of company’s activities.
It is comfortable. Using SC BI software, you can retrieve the required data anywhere, wherever in the world you are. Cool graphic extensions and controls assist you in making visible and informative reports, that can be exported into MS Excel or an .xml file.