The Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation convene a round table on regional cooperation in security, safety and safeguards in Africa

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12 February 2020 , Vienna.

UN, EU and senior government officials, diplomats, nuclear experts, civil society representatives and academics took part in a discussion dedicated to strengthening the regional cooperation in the pursuit of all matters related to nuclear safety, security and safeguards in the countries of Southern Africa. The round table was convened by ISTC and the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP) during the 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Security that takes place under the aegis of IAEA in Vienna from 10 through 14 February.
Topical interventions on the role of the information technologies for better regional cooperation were made by European partners to African states. Nikolay Palov, CEO of Software Company Ltd., Bulgaria, presented a short documentary that illustrates how a web-based Information Tracking System (ITS), designed under an ISTC-implemented project, helps Southern African countries to monitor and control the transportation of radioactive materials within and across national borders. The documentary captures moments of trainings and real-time simulations, organized for radiation experts from Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe in the use of the ITS. Juha Rautjarvi, Societal Security Solutions Ltd. and Harri Toivonen, HT Nuclear Ltd, Finland, talked about assessing the existing capabilities and learning how to improve the specific skills through electronic Table-Top exercises in nuclear security and safety.