Software Company participates in Horizon Europe Workshop in Sofia

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28 February 2024

On 28 February 2024, Software Company Ltd. attended the Horizon Europe (HE) Workshop, convened by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.

Prof. Guenka Petrova, Deputy minister at MES, opened the forum and mentioned in her remarks that qualifying organizations in Bulgaria should intensify their efforts to successfully participate in the Horizon projects submission, particularly under the dimension of the project concerned with Widening Access and Participation.

Mr. Boyan Jekov, HE National coordinator, introduced to the audience (comprising over sixty researchers, academics, business representatives and government officials in the room and twice as many online) the team of presenters from the European Commission. Mr. Petros Belsis provided an overview of Horizon Europe and useful advice on how to navigate its Funding and Tenders Portal and how to write a good proposal. Mr. Ioannis Kastrisianakis explained the “rules of the game” of Horizon Europe, meaning its legal and financial framework. Ms. Cathy Cieslik outlined possibilities for disseminating and exploiting the results of successful projects.

Participants in the workshop received introductions to and previews of the project, developed by a group of national contact points in Widening Europe (i.e. Eastern Europe) with a view of facilitating and improving project elaboration.

The lively Q&A exchange which followed demonstrated the practical experience Bulgarian candidates have accumulated from the previous EC program, Horizon 2020, and the hopes they nourish for the new edition of one of the most significant vehicles of Europe’s competitiveness and scientific advancement.

For its part, Software Company has an impressive record of achievements. It piloted NetApps for Smart Energy Grids, recognized as a key innovation by the European Commission. The company has collaborated with 70+ international partners from Europe and Africa in implementing EU-funded (FP7, Horizon 2020 & INSC) projects. Today SC Ltd. continues to offer innovative modelling, prototyping, and testing software solutions to its European partners.