On-line Trainings Help New Countries Join a Region-Wide Tracking of the Transportation of Radioactive Materials

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9 March 2021, Sofia/Nur-Sultan.

The Software Company Ltd and ISTC have embarked on another round of trainings in the installation, use and maintenance of the Information Tracking System (ITS) as part of Project MC 5.01 15B. Due to travel restrictions during the current global health crisis, the trainings will be conducted virtually, via Zoom platform. The trainings will be held during March and April in two parts: the preliminary ones will involve one or two IT specialists per country who will set up the network and prepare the course of action for the regular trainings that will involve larger groups of trainees. Courses for participants from DRC and Madagascar will be held in French, while the ones for participants from Mozambique and Zimbabwe – in English.
On 8 and 9 March, IT experts from Mozambique are the first to start the on-line preliminary training with presentations and practical exercises in setting for its deployment the equipment: workstation, GPS devices, mobile phones, and the use of the relevant documentation. To ensure a user friendly and smooth training process, the Software Company has prepared a set of training materials, comprising of power point presentations, explanatory notes, and user guides for the different roles that national experts play while using the ITS. The trainees will have to pass an exam that assesses their new skills to work with the user guides, their knowledge of login procedures in ITS, their ability to work in GPS devices module, checking device connection and working with mobile application. The practical exercises aim to increase the ability of the participants to solve GPS connection problems and gain better understanding of the ITS mobile application.
The Information Tracking System (ITS) – a key component of Project MC 5.01 15B – is conceived as a common web-based platform for data exchange and monitoring the transportation of Uranium Ore Concentrate and other radioactive materials within and across the borders of several southern African states. Since 2020, the ITS has been already is use by relevant national entities in South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia. In 2021, Mozambique, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar will join the network.